Meet Your Team

Courtney Mann, DDS

Dr. Courtney Mann is a dedicated and skilled dental team member with over a decade of experience in the dental field. Dr. Mann is a Doctor of Dental Surgery, holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a minor in Chemistry and is laser certified. Her father, a dental practitioner, inspired her journey into dentistry. She views dentistry as a harmonious blend of science and art that improves the lives of others.

Dr. Mann is a devoted wife and mother, cherishing moments with her husband and their three children. She is an avid football fan, supporting the Minnesota Vikings and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. One of her guiding quotes is, "A day without laughter is a day wasted," reflecting her belief in the importance of joy and laughter in daily life. Dr. Mann also enjoys unwinding with a glass of wine and a good book, embracing life's simple pleasures.

Dr. Mann's approach to patient care is characterized by patience, calmness, and friendliness; in short, how she would treat her family. Interestingly, Dr. Mann has a unique habit of singing or humming while working, which she finds indispensable for her practice. This blend of professional excellence and a warm, approachable personality makes Dr. Mann a beloved dentist to her patients. Dr. Mann's commitment to her profession and patients is unwavering, as she continuously seeks to enrich her skills and provide the highest quality dental care.
“The team makes going to the dentist fun.” - Patient B.M.
Alexis | Dental Hygiene
Alexis is passionate about engaging with patients and promoting oral health. She brings warmth, and congeniality to her role, she enjoys social interactions with patients and colleagues, and prides herself on creating a fun and approachable atmosphere. Alexis is passionate about enhancing gum health and is proud of her contribution to high patient retention through her friendly and gentle approach.
Brooke | Dental Hygienist
Bio coming soon.
Jennifer | Dental Assistant
Bio coming soon.
Becca | Office Manager
Becca cherishes forming meaningful connections with patients. She is a guide for patients and support for colleagues. Her leadership style is evident in her mantra, “positivity attracts positivity.” If Becca were to represent any dental equipment, she would equate herself to crown cement, symbolizing her steadfast support to her team.
Sapna | Senior Patient Coordinator
Bio coming soon.